SHP-105Agilent 1100 Piston Prep Pump
SHP-220Agilent 1100 Prep Seal - Black
SHP-642Agilent 1100/1200 Active Seal Wash Pump Assy inc tubing
SHP-311Agilent 1220/1260 Passive Inlet C/V Complete (600 Bar)
SHP-490Agilent 1260 (G1315C&D) Infinity DAD Detector D2 Lamp Long Life (8 pin) w/ RFID
SHP-652Agilent 1260 (G1361) Prep Pump Filter Assy, SS w/ PEEK Ring 2um pore
SHP-651Agilent 1260 (G1361) Prep Pump Filter Fluid
SHP-650Agilent 1260 (G1361) Prep Pump O-Ring Seal Viton 30um
SHP-312Agilent 1260 Cartridge for active inlet valve 600 bar
SHP-559Agilent 1260 Frit for1290 inline filter 0.3Um
SHP-558Agilent 1260 Loop Assembly, 20µL
SHP-556Agilent 1260 Needle Assy
SHP-221Agilent 1260 Pump Head Ceramic Seal Holder
SHP-648Agilent 1260 Purge Valve Assembly
SHP-103Agilent 1260 Sapphire Piston Assy 2mm
SHP-210Agilent 1260 SFC A5 Pump Seals Pk 2
SHP-315Agilent 1260 SFC Check Valve Cartridge 0.125 Ball
SHP-576Agilent 1260 SFC Rotor 2 pos / 6 port 1200 Bar Steel
SHP-212Agilent 1260 SFC Rotor 2 pos /10 port 1200 Bar Seal
SHP-214Agilent 1260 SFC Rotor Seal 3 Grooves, max 600 Bar
SHP-213Agilent 1260 SFC Rotor Seal 8 pos / 9 port 1200 Bar
SHP-317Agilent 1290 "Binary & Quaternary" Infinity Pump Outlet C/V
SHP-316Agilent 1290 "Binary" Pump Inlet Check Valve Assy
SHP-487Agilent 1290 (G4212A) Infinity DAD Detector D2 Lamp Long Life (8-pin) w/RFID
SHP-216Agilent 1290 (Yellow) Wash Seal
SHP-568Agilent 1290 Autosampler Rotor Seal
SHP-104Agilent 1290 Piston Assy (Ceramic)
SHP-567Agilent 1290 Pump Outlet C/V Gold Seal
SHP-666Agilent Assy, Capillary, 105mm x 0.17mm ID, w/Fittings
SHP-215Agilent Complete Seal Kit FSD-200mL Liq Head
SHP-489Agilent G4218 ELSD Detector Light Source
SHP-303Agilent Outlet Valve (Binary & Isocratic) for 1100/1200/1220/1260
SHP-318Agilent Outlet Valve (Binary & Isocratic) for 1100/1200/1220/1260
SHP-659Agilent Restriction Capillary
SHP-584Agilent SST Restriction Capillary
SHP-655Agilent Stainless Steel Capillary 0.17(ID ) 900mm Length
SHP-542Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Autosampler Finger Cap
SHP-406Agilent/HP 1030 Deuterium Lamp
SHP-404Agilent/HP 1046A Xenon Lamp Assy
SHP-526Agilent/HP 1050 2 Port Rotor Seal (Vespel)
SHP-400Agilent/HP 1050 A Series D2 Lamp
SHP-300Agilent/HP 1050 Active Inlet Valve Assy
SHP-402Agilent/HP 1050 C Series D2 Lamp
SHP-451Agilent/HP 1050 DAD Lamp
SHP-525Agilent/HP 1050 Needle
SHP-511Agilent/HP 1050 Needle Seat Capillary
SHP-520Agilent/HP 1050 Purge Valve Assy
SHP-415Agilent/HP 1050 Quat Prop Valve Assy
SHP-411Agilent/HP 1050 Stator Assy
SHP-510Agilent/HP 1050/1090 Needle Seat
SHP-200Agilent/HP 1050/1090/1100/1200 (Black) Seal
SHP-201Agilent/HP 1050/1090/1100/1200 (Gold) Seal
SHP-535Agilent/HP 1050/1090/1100/1200 Isolation Seal
SHP-202Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 (Black) Wash Seal
SHP-408Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 DAD/MWD Deuterium Lamp (Longlife)
SHP-515Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 Degasser Pump Tubing
SHP-204Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 Gasket Wash Seal (PK 2)
SHP-514Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 Glass Filter Adapter
SHP-507Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 Glass Inlet Filter
SHP-524Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 Outlet C/V & Purge Valve Cap
SHP-523Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 Outlet C/V & Purge Valve Gold Seal Assy
SHP-305Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 Outlet Valve Sieve
SHP-100Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 Piston
SHP-519Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 Pump- AS Capillary
SHP-522Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 Purge Valve Frit
SHP-502Agilent/HP 1090 Glass Inlet Filter
SHP-101Agilent/HP 1090 Piston
SHP-657Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Autosampler Needle Holder Screw
SHP-627Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Blanking Nut 1/16 Stainless Steel
SHP-612Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Capillary Damper-Mixer
SHP-633Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Capillary, OBV-Piston 2
SHP-480Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 DAD/MWD Deuterium Lamp
SHP-582Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Flexible Tubing 400mm, 0.17mm I.D w/ fittings
SHP-634Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Mixing Capillary
SHP-625Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 PEEK Adapter Fitting (1/4-28 to 10-32)
SHP-222Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Piston Seal 2mm
SHP-623Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Pump Head Screw Lock
SHP-656Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Pump Seal Wash Plastic Tubing (1m)
SHP-613Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Quat Prop Valve Assy
SHP-635Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Restriction Capillary
SHP-488Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 RI Detector Lamp Source Assembly
SHP-631Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Seat Capillary, 1.5ml. 0.9mm ID
SHP-610Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 SS Connection Capillary, 60cm, 0.17mm
SHP-600Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Support Ring Seal Wash
SHP-581Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 u-LC Needle Assy (G1329-80001)
SHP-418Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 VWD Deuterium Lamp
SHP-624Agilent/HP 1100 & HP1200 Pump SST Capillary Damper to Mixer/Mixer to Outlet C/V
SHP-614Agilent/HP 1100 Autosampler G1313A Stepping Motor Module Assy
SHP-432Agilent/HP 1100 Capillary From Inj To Thermo
SHP-427Agilent/HP 1100 Injection Valve Assy
SHP-419Agilent/HP 1100 Inlet Cap
SHP-422Agilent/HP 1100 Seal Wash Kit
SHP-530Agilent/HP 1100/1200 100µL Loop Capillary
SHP-616Agilent/HP 1100/1200 2 Port Rotor Seal (Tefzel)
SHP-534Agilent/HP 1100/1200 2 Port Rotor Seal (Vespel)
SHP-531Agilent/HP 1100/1200 900µL Loop Extension
SHP-533Agilent/HP 1100/1200 900µL Needle
SHP-302Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Active Inlet Cartridge
SHP-301Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Active Inlet Valve Actuator
SHP-203Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Autosampler Metering Seal
SHP-450Agilent/HP 1100/1200 DAD & 8453/8454 SPEC Tungsten Lamp Assy
SHP-649Agilent/HP 1100/1200 G4226A Column Switching Valve Rotor Seal
SHP-207Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Metering Seal 900µL
SHP-527Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Needle
SHP-528Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Needle Seat 0.17mm ID
SHP-548Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Needle Seat Adapter
SHP-102Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Piston 900µL
SHP-208Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Pump Gravity Seal Wash Kit
SHP-653Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Pump Gravity Seal Wash Kit
SHP-554Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Pump Head Assembly Rear
SHP-549Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Pump Pulse Dampener/transducer assy
SHP-521Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Purge Valve Assy
SHP-547Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Rotor Seal for Oven Switching Valve
SHP-638Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Solvent Bottle Cap with 3 Hole Insert
SHP-537Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Stator Head
SHP-532Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Union for 900µL Loop
SHP-481Agilent/HP 1100/1200 VWD Longlife Deuterium Lamp
SHP-637Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Wellplate Autosampler Sample Chain Support (1)
SHP-485Agilent/HP 1200 DAD/MWD Longlife D2 Lamp - Series D Only
SHP-484Agilent/HP 1200 DAD/MWD Longlife Deuterium Lamp - Series A B C
SHP-601Agilent/HP 1200 Needle Assy, Standard Well Plate Sampler
SHP-206Agilent/HP 1200 PE-Pump Seal (Yellow)
SHP-602Agilent/HP 1200 Seat Assy for G1367 Well Plate Sampler
SHP-606Agilent/HP 1200 Stator for 6 Port Valve, Max 60 bar
SHP-605Agilent/HP 1200/1260 Rotor Seal (PEEK), 2 Port, 600 bar
SHP-310Agilent/HP 1220/1260 Outlet c/v 600 bar
SHP-557Agilent/HP 1260 & 1290 Autosampler Seat Assembly (0.12mm Infinity)
SHP-209Agilent/HP 1260 Metering Device Seal (PE1290 LC Sampler)
SHP-560Agilent/HP 1260 SFC Adapter Female/Male 10-32 to 1/4-28 SST
SHP-569Agilent/HP 1290 Autosampler Isolation Seal
SHP-565Agilent/HP 1290 Autosampler Loop Assy (100µL)
SHP-323Agilent/HP 1290 Pump High Pressure Filter Assembly
SHP-564Agilent/HP 1290 Pump Outlet Filter
SHP-405Agilent/HP 8453/8454 Deuterium Lamp
SHP-546Agilent/HP Autosampler - Oven Capillary 180mm x 0.17.. ID.
SHP-566Agilent/HP Capillary to Metering Device
SHP-508Agilent/HP Column-Detector Capillary 380mm x 0.17mm ID
SHP-482Agilent/HP Flash Lamp For G1321A Fluorescence Detector
SHP-598Agilent/HP G17167 Needle Seat, High Pressure, PEEK, 0.12mm
SHP-513Agilent/HP HP1050/1100/1200 Solvent Tubing
SHP-563Agilent/HP Inlet Tube Assy FSD-1 200ml
SHP-319Agilent/HP Inlet Valve For 1260 SFC LC
SHP-632Agilent/HP LC Pump PTFE Connecting Tube
SHP-509Agilent/HP Oven-Column Capillary 90mm x 0.17mm ID
SHP-562Agilent/HP Piston Cup Assy 200ml
SHP-512Agilent/HP Pump-Autosampler Capillary 700mm x 0.25mm ID
SHP-591Agilent/HP Rotor Seal 6-CS PEEK 1200 Bar
SHP-596Agilent/HP Rotor Seal, 5 Pos, 7 Port 1200 Bar (5068-0005)
SHP-608Agilent/HP Seat Assy "complete" For G1367 Well Plate Sampler
SHP-561Agilent/HP Seat Assy 0.12mm ID Standard Autosampler
SHP-500Agilent/HP Solvent Inlet Filter, SS
SHP-518Agilent/HP SS Back Ferrule 1/16"
SHP-595Agilent/HP SS Capillary from A/Sampler to C/Oven (v.long) 0.17ID (Green)
SHP-516Agilent/HP SS Fitting Male 1/16" (Pk 10)
SHP-517Agilent/HP SS Front Ferrule 1/16"
SHP-417Agilent/HP Wash Seal
SHP-421Agilent/HP Wear Retainers (10pk)
SHP-401Agilent/HP1050/1100/1200 DAD/MWD Deuterium Lamp
SHP-536Agilent/HP1100/1200 Stator Face
SBE-300Beckman 110/112/114 C/V (Inlet)
SBE-102Beckman 114/116 Piston
SBE-302Beckman 116/126 C/V (Inlet)
SBE-303Beckman 116/126 C/V (Outlet)
SBE-103Beckman 126 Gold Piston
SBE-401Beckman 155 Deuterium Lamp
SBE-406Beckman 163 Deuterium Lamp
SBE-407Beckman 165/167 Deuterium Lamp
SBE-409Beckman 168 PDA Lamp
SBE-301Beckman Outlet 110/112/114 C/V (Outlet)
SBE-106Beckman Piston Bushing, (112)
SBE-105Beckman Piston Guide
SBE-107Beckman Piston Sleeve, 110
SCE-300Cecil C/V Cartridge
SCE-400Cecil Deuterium Lamp - HPLC Series 1100
SCE-401Cecil Deuterium Lamp - Series 2, 1000 to 9000, CE Series
SCE-205Cecil Piston Seal (black)
SCE-202Cecil Piston Seal (Clear)
SCE-200Cecil Piston Seal (Grey)
SCE-100Cecil Piston, Pointed End
SCE-101Cecil Piston, Pointed with sleeve
SCE-102Cecil Piston, Rounded End
SCE-103Cecil Piston, Rounded with sleeve
SCE-204Cecil Sapphire Backing Ring
SCE-203Cecil Seal Kit (clear)
SCE-201Cecil Seal Kit (Grey)
SCE-402Cecil Tungsten Lamp - Series 2, 1000 to 9000, CE Series
CE04111Cetac Drain Pump Tubing & Connector Kit (PharMed)
CE04103Cetac Sample Probe, 0.5mm ID (Blue Band)
CE04100Cetac Z - Axis Drive Tubing Replacement Kit
SCT-507CTC PAL Autosampler Flat Cable Kit-80cm
SCT-501CTC PAL Autosampler Injection Valve Needle Seat
SCT-505CTC PAL Autosampler Ribbon Cable
SCT-500CTC PAL Autosampler Rotor Seal
SCT-504CTC PAL Autosampler Syringe 25µL G25 22S
SCT-502CTC PAL Autosampler Tcord 280mm Bungee
SCT-503CTC PAL Autosampler Tcord 90mm Bungee
96-90297D2 Lamp Assy For Xl/xs New Style (to Fit Instrument Serial Nos. 01020223 - 01030240)
SDI-673Dionex - Maintenance Kit WPS-3000RS,S (620 bar)
SDI-646Dionex (LC Packings) Replacement Rotor for FAMOS, 6 port injection valve (VALCO C2)
SDI-642Dionex (LC Packings) Stator FAMOS, Stainless Steel
SDI-524Dionex 1/16" One Piece Fingertight Fitting (PEEK)
SDI-631Dionex 3-channel proportioning valve, cpl. P680A D
SDI-213Dionex 300/480/P580/P680 & U3000 + Purge Valve Screw
SDI-305Dionex 300C/300CP/M480/P580/P680 Check Valve Cartridge
SDI-527Dionex 300C/300CP/M480/P580/P680 Flush Head
SDI-303Dionex 300C/300CP/M480/P580/P680 Inlet Check Valve
SDI-304Dionex 300C/300CP/M480/P580/P680 Outlet Check Valve
SDI-203Dionex 300C/300CP/M480/P580/P680 Piston Seal (Grey)
SDI-204Dionex 300C/300CP/M480/P580/P680 Piston Seal (Yellow)
SDI-211Dionex 300C/300CP/M480/P580/P680 Piston Seal Kit
SDI-206Dionex 300C/300CP/M480/P580/P680/U3000 PTFE Ring Seal
SDI-571Dionex ACC3000 Needle Capillary (6830.2446)
SDI-603Dionex AS3500 Needle Assembly (Deflected Point)
SDI-516Dionex ASI-100 Needle Port Complete
SDI-710Dionex ASI-100 Sample Loop cpl 150µL
SDI-568Dionex ASI-100 Syringe 100µL With Seal (5805-2920)
SDI-512Dionex ASI-100, ASI-100T Needle Assy
SDI-576Dionex Autosampler Needle (PEEK)
SDI-529Dionex Capillary For 300C/300CP/M480/P580/P680 Pump Head
SDI-570Dionex Diverter Valve Assy
SDI-652Dionex Filter Frit, PEEK, 0.5um, blue, 10pcs
SDI-412Dionex FLD-3400RS/FLD-3100 Xenon Flash Lamp for FL Detector Kit
SDI-651Dionex Frit SS Blk 0.5pm 0.094x065x0.250
SDI-528Dionex Gina 50 Needle Assembly
SDI-533Dionex Gina 50 Needle Port Assembly
SDI-510Dionex Gina 50/ASI-100 Isolation Seal
SDI-501Dionex Gina 50/ASI-100 Needle Port Seal
SDI-509Dionex Gina 50/ASI-100 Rotor Seal
SDI-506Dionex Gina 50/ASI-100 Syringe 250µL
SDI-520Dionex Gina 50/ASI-100 Syringe Seal
SDI-214Dionex M480/P580A/P680/U3000 Piston Seal Kit (Bio-Compatible)
SDI-628Dionex Mixer kit to 100µL mixing volume, 100MPa
SDI-653Dionex O-Ring 17mm x 1.5mm for UltiMate (LC Packings) (ULT-SP1)
SDI-522Dionex P580 Pressure Transducer (8025.2050)
SDI-532Dionex P580 Proportioning Valve Assembly
SDI-715Dionex P580/P680 Purge Valve Assembly Knurled Nut complete w/seal
SDI-519Dionex P580/P680/U3000 Cap Seal For Purge Valve Screw
SDI-230Dionex P580/U3000 Standard Mixing Chamber Ring Seal
SDI-405Dionex PDA-100 VIS Lamp, Tungsten
SDI-402Dionex PDA-100/PDA-3000 Deuterium Lamp
SDI-409Dionex PDA-100/PDA-3000 Deuterium Lamp (Her)
SDI-630Dionex Pod 2pos-6port HT valve SST
SDI-566Dionex Proportioning Valve 4-Port, LPG-3400
SDI-629Dionex Proportioning Valve LPG (4 way)
SDI-229Dionex PTFE Seal kit for RS/SD/BM Pumps (2 seals Per Kit, 1 Large & 1 small)
SDI-548Dionex Pump Rear Seal Wash Detector (6030.4130)
SDI-547Dionex Pump Solvent Frit Holder (6268.0115)
SDI-565Dionex Purge Unit Incl: Pressure Transducer For UltiMate 3000
SDI-708Dionex Purge Valve P680