Sci-Tek Instruments carries a wide range of used instrumentation. All instruments are fully refurbished, serviced, and thoroughly tested before sale. We have a large inventory available, and can configure a system suited to your requirements. And of course, Sci-Tek Instruments can fully support your purchased instrument. Below is a selection of the instruments available, please contact us for further information.

INST0006Agilent 1100 Autosampler, G1313A
INST0007Agilent 1100 Autosampler, G1329A
INST0003Agilent 1100 Binary Gradient Pump, G1312A
INST0009Agilent 1100 Column Oven Chiller, G1316A
INST0005Agilent 1100 DAD Detector, G1315A
INST0001Agilent 1100 Isocratic Pump, G1310A
INST0002Agilent 1100 Quaternary Pump, G1311A
INST0008Agilent 1100 Sampler Chiller, G1330B
INST0019Agilent 1100 Sampler Chiller, G1330B
INST0012Agilent 1100 System Controller, G1323B
INST0004Agilent 1100 UV Detector, G1314A
INST0010Agilent 1100 Vacuum Degasser, G1322A
INST0011Agilent 1100 Vacuum Degasser, G1379A
INST0018Agilent 1200 Autosampler, G1329B
INST0015Agilent 1200 Binary Gradient Pump, G1312B
INST0020Agilent 1200 Column Oven, G1316B
INST0017Agilent 1200 DAD Detector, G1315B
INST0024Agilent 1200 DAD Detector, G1315B
INST0013Agilent 1200 Isocratic Pump, G1310B
INST0014Agilent 1200 Quaternary Pump, G1311B
INST0025Agilent 1200 RI Detector, G1362A
INST0026Agilent 1200 System Controller, G4208A
INST0016Agilent 1200 UV Detector, G1314B
INST0023Agilent 1200 UV Detector, G1314B
INST0021Agilent 1200 Vacuum Degasser, G1322A
INST0022Agilent 1200 Vacuum Degasser, G1379A
INST0027Agilent 6890 Gas Chromatograph
INST0066Biotek/Kontron 325 Gradient pump
INST0070Biotek/Kontron 332 UV Detector
INST0068Biotek/Kontron 360 Autosampler
INST0072Biotek/Kontron 420 Isocratic pump
INST0073Biotek/Kontron 422 Isocratic pump
INST0067Biotek/Kontron 535 Gradient pump
INST0071Biotek/Kontron 535 UV Detector
INST0069Biotek/Kontron 560 Autosampler
INST0053Dionex (Thermo) AS-50 IC Autosampler
INST0047Dionex (Thermo) ASI-100 Autosampler
INST0051Dionex (Thermo) ASI-100 Autosampler
INST0050Dionex (Thermo) ICS-90 IC system
INST0046Dionex (Thermo) P680 Gradient Pump
INST0052Dionex (Thermo) UCI-100 Interface
INST0048Dionex (Thermo) UVD-170U UV Detector
INST0049Dionex (Thermo) UVD-340U DAD Detector
INST0077Gilson 115 UV Detector
INST0078Gilson 116 UV Detector
INST0079Gilson 117 UV Detector
INST0080Gilson 231 Autosampler
INST0081Gilson 231 XL Autosampler
INST0082Gilson 234 Autosampler
INST0074Gilson 305 Pump
INST0075Gilson 306 Pump
INST0076Gilson 307 Pump
INST0059Jasco AS-1550 Autosampler
INST0060Jasco AS-2075 Autosampler
INST0056Jasco AS-950 Autosampler
INST0057Jasco PU-1580 Isocratic Pump
INST0061Jasco PU-2080 Isocratic Pump
INST0054Jasco PU-980 Isocratic Pump
INST0058Jasco UV-1575 UV Detector
INST0055Jasco UV-975 UV Detector
INST0096Knauer Smartline Isocratic Pump
INST0095Knauer Smartline UV Detector
INST0065PerkinElmer Series 200 Autosampler
INST0064PerkinElmer Series 200 DAD Detector
INST0062PerkinElmer Series 200 Gradient Pump
INST0063PerkinElmer Series 200 UV Detector
INST0044Thermo Scientific DAD-3000 DAD Detector
INST0041Thermo Scientific LPG-3400SD Quaternary Pump
INST0042Thermo Scientific TCC-3000SD Column Oven
INST0045Thermo Scientific VWD-3400 UV Detector
INST0043Thermo Scientific WPS-3000 Autosampler
INST0092TSP (Thermo) AS100 Autosampler
INST0093TSP (Thermo) AS1000 Autosampler
INST0094TSP (Thermo) AS3000 Autosampler
INST0090TSP (Thermo) FL2000 FL Detector
INST0091TSP (Thermo) FL3000 FL Detector
INST0083TSP (Thermo) P100 Isocratic Pump
INST0084TSP (Thermo) P1000 Isocratic Pump
INST0085TSP (Thermo) P2000 Binary Gradient Pump
INST0086TSP (Thermo) P4000 Quaternary Gradient Pump
INST0087TSP (Thermo) UV100 UV Detector
INST0088TSP (Thermo) UV1000 UV Detector
INST0089TSP (Thermo) UV2000 UV Detector
INST0031Waters 2414 RI Detector
INST0029Waters 2487 UV Detector
INST0040Waters 2525 Prep Pump
INST0032Waters 2690 Integrated system
INST0033Waters 2695 Integrated system
INST0035Waters 484 UV Detector
INST0034Waters 486 UV Detector
INST0036Waters 510 Isocratic Pump
INST0028Waters 515 Isocratic Pump
INST0037Waters 717 Autosampler
INST0030Waters 996 PDA Detector
INST0039Waters Isocratic Pump Reagent Mgr
INST0038Waters SIM System Interface