GC Consumables

SHP-738Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890 Gold Seal Washer
SHP-739Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Column Nut
SHP-740Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Ferrule - No Hole
SHP-735Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 General Purpose Red Septum 11mm
SHP-706Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Gold Plated Inlet Seal
SHP-741Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Graphite Ferrule 0.5mm ID
SHP-818Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Graphite Ferrule 1.0mm ID
SHP-815Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Graphite/Vespel Ferrule 0.4mm ID
SHP-816Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Graphite/Vespel Ferrule 0.5mm ID
SHP-817Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Graphite/Vespel Ferrule 0.8mm ID
SHP-814Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Graphite/Vespel Ferrule 1/4" ID
SHP-736Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Inlet Liner O-Ring
SHP-747Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Jet, Capillary, Adaptable, 61.5mm
SHP-745Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 O-Ring For SS Tubing
SHP-744Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Split Liner, Glass Wool
SHP-743Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Split Liner, L/P Drop, Glass Wool
SHP-766Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Split Liner, Single Taper, Glass Wool
SHP-710Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Splitless Liner, Single Taper, Glass Wool
SHP-782Agilent/HP 5890/6890 Nut for Splt/Splitless
SHP-762Agilent/HP 5971/5972/5973/5975 Graphite/Vespel Ferrule - No Hole
SHP-758Agilent/HP 5971/5972/5973/5975 Graphite/Vespel Ferrule 0.4mm ID
SHP-759Agilent/HP 5971/5972/5973/5975 Graphite/Vespel Ferrule 0.5mm ID
SHP-842Agilent/HP 6100 LC MS Big Universal Trap, 1/8" Fittings, Nitrogen 58
SHP-840Agilent/HP 6100 LCMS - Dielectric Capillary 0.5mm ID
SHP-841Agilent/HP 6100 LCMS Dielectric Capillary 0.6mm id
SHP-749Agilent/HP 6850/6890/7890 Jet, Capillary, Optimised, 42.8mm
SHP-748Agilent/HP 6850/6890/7890 Jet, Packed, 0.018" ID Tip
SHP-726Agilent/HP 6850/6890/7890 Viton O-Ring For Purged/Packed Inlet
SHP-716Agilent/HP 6890/7673/7683/7693 Syringe 10µL
SHP-715Agilent/HP 6890/7673/7683/7693 Syringe 5µL
SHP-807Agilent/HP Fitting Males SS 1/16"
SHP-783Agilent/HP GC Ferrule
SHP-770Agilent/HP Inlet liner O-ring, non-stick fluorocarbon, 10/pk
SHP-779Agilent/HP Nut Brass 1/4
SHP-778Agilent/HP Nut Brass 1/8
SHP-777Agilent/HP Vespal Ferrule
SPE-803PerkinElmer 0.4mm ID Graphite Vespel Ferrule For 0.25mm Column
SPE-804PerkinElmer 0.5mm ID Graphite Vespel Ferrule For 0.32mm Column
SPE-837PerkinElmer 1/16" Column Nut (Capillary to Column Adapter)
SPE-805PerkinElmer 1/8" 0.4mm ID reducing ferrule for 0.25mm column
SPE-806PerkinElmer 1/8" 0.5mm ID reducing ferrule for 0.32mm column
SPE-827PerkinElmer 1/8in Stainless Steel Ferrule For Inlet Tubing
SPE-823PerkinElmer 2-mm Split Mode Quartz Liner for Programmable Split/SplitlessInjector
SPE-800PerkinElmer 4mm ID Focus Liner For AutoSystem XL
SPE-813PerkinElmer 4mm ID Split Mode Liner Wide Bore For AutoSytem XL
SPE-809PerkinElmer 5ul Syringe for AutoSystem XL
SPE-821PerkinElmer AutoSystem GC Autosampler Replacement Vial Locator
SPE-818PerkinElmer Ferrule: Vespel/Graphite 1/16 x 0.8mm ID
SPE-819PerkinElmer Ferrule: Vespel/Graphite Reducing; 1/8 to 0.8mm
SPE-810PerkinElmer FID Capillary Column Adapter For AutoSystem XL
SPE-807PerkinElmer FID Jet For AutoSystem XL
SPE-822PerkinElmer FID O-Ring
SPE-812PerkinElmer Fingertight Column Nut, 1/16" Compression Fitting
SPE-816PerkinElmer Fused Silica Tubing 0.25mm ID
SPE-817PerkinElmer Fused Silica Tubing 0.32mm ID
SPE-820PerkinElmer HS40 Headspace Sampler Needle, SS
SPE-815PerkinElmer HS40 Viton O-Ring for Needle Seal Assembly
SPE-811PerkinElmer Inlet Capillary Column Adapter For AutoSystem XL
SPE-801PerkinElmer Liner O-Ring For AutoSystem XL
SPE-838PerkinElmer Nut - TBG Hex .125 TBG SST
SPE-826PerkinElmer Nut Tube 1/8
SPE-808PerkinElmer Septum Cap For AutoSystem XL
SPE-831PerkinElmer Syringe, Plunger Type 0.5µL
SPE-802PerkinElmer Thermolite Septa 11mm
SPE-825PerkinElmer Universal Press Tight Connector (Pk 5)
SPE-824PerkinElmer Viton O-Rings for Programmed-Temperature Split/Splitless InletSystem,
SPN-500Pye Unicam Auto - Sep 9.5mm Septum
SPN-501Pye Unicam Auto Sep 7mm Septum
SSH-801Shimadzu 14 Graphite Sealing Ring
SSH-800Shimadzu 14 Split/Splitless Focus Liner
SSH-804Shimadzu Enduro Blue Septum
SSH-812Shimadzu GC 14/17/2010/2014 Graphite Ferrule 0.10 - 032mm ID Column
SSH-813Shimadzu GC 14/17/2014 Graphite Ferrule 0.45 - 0.53mm ID Column
SSH-811Shimadzu GC 2014 Liner Viton O Ring 008V75
SSH-810Shimadzu GC 2014 Split / Splitless Focus Liner 3.4mm
SSH-819Shimadzu GC2010 GC Split/Splitless Liner 3.4mm I.D.
SSH-802Shimadzu Nut & Ferrule Set, 0.25mm ID Columns
SSH-803Shimadzu Nut & Ferrule Set, 0.32mm ID Columns
SPN-601Thermo Finnigan Auto - Sep T 17mm Septum
SPN-609Thermo Finnigan Brass Nut for injectors + non MS Detectors
SPN-610Thermo Finnigan Focus GC FID Jet
SPN-605Thermo Finnigan Focus GC Graphite Sealing Ring 8mm ID
SPN-606Thermo Finnigan Graphite / Vespel Ferrule 0.10 - 0.25mm ID Columns
SPN-607Thermo Finnigan Graphite / Vespel Ferrule 0.32mm ID Columns
SPN-608Thermo Finnigan Graphite / Vespel Ferrule 0.53mm ID colums
SPN-602Thermo Finnigan GS Autosampler Syringe (10µL) fixed needle
SPN-603Thermo Finnigan Split Focus Liner for use with 50mm Needle
SPN-604Thermo Finnigan Splitless Focus Liner - for use with 70mm needle
SVA-803Varian 0.4mm ID Graphite / Vespel Ferrule For 0.25mm Column
SVA-804Varian 0.5mm ID Graphite / Vespel Ferrule For 0.32mm Column
SVA-800Varian 4mm Split Focus Liner with wool
SVA-801Varian 6.35mm ID Graphite Liner O-Ring
SVA-802Varian 9mm Thermolite Septum


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