AA Standards, 1000ppm
SHP-105Agilent 1100 Piston Prep Pump
SHP-220Agilent 1100 Prep Seal - Black
SHP-642Agilent 1100/1200 Active Seal Wash Pump Assy inc tubing
SHP-311Agilent 1220/1260 Passive Inlet C/V Complete (600 Bar)
SHP-490Agilent 1260 (G1315C&D) Infinity DAD Detector D2 Lamp Long Life (8 pin) w/ RFID
SHP-652Agilent 1260 (G1361) Prep Pump Filter Assy, SS w/ PEEK Ring 2um pore
SHP-651Agilent 1260 (G1361) Prep Pump Filter Fluid
SHP-650Agilent 1260 (G1361) Prep Pump O-Ring Seal Viton 30um
SHP-312Agilent 1260 Cartridge for active inlet valve 600 bar
SHP-559Agilent 1260 Frit for1290 inline filter 0.3Um
SHP-558Agilent 1260 Loop Assembly, 20µL
SHP-556Agilent 1260 Needle Assy
SHP-221Agilent 1260 Pump Head Ceramic Seal Holder
SHP-648Agilent 1260 Purge Valve Assembly
SHP-103Agilent 1260 Sapphire Piston Assy 2mm
SHP-210Agilent 1260 SFC A5 Pump Seals Pk 2
SHP-315Agilent 1260 SFC Check Valve Cartridge 0.125 Ball
SHP-576Agilent 1260 SFC Rotor 2 pos / 6 port 1200 Bar Steel
SHP-212Agilent 1260 SFC Rotor 2 pos /10 port 1200 Bar Seal
SHP-214Agilent 1260 SFC Rotor Seal 3 Grooves, max 600 Bar
SHP-213Agilent 1260 SFC Rotor Seal 8 pos / 9 port 1200 Bar
SHP-317Agilent 1290 "Binary & Quaternary" Infinity Pump Outlet C/V
SHP-316Agilent 1290 "Binary" Pump Inlet Check Valve Assy
SHP-487Agilent 1290 (G4212A) Infinity DAD Detector D2 Lamp Long Life (8-pin) w/RFID
SHP-216Agilent 1290 (Yellow) Wash Seal
SHP-568Agilent 1290 Autosampler Rotor Seal
SHP-104Agilent 1290 Piston Assy (Ceramic)
SHP-567Agilent 1290 Pump Outlet C/V Gold Seal
SHP-666Agilent Assy, Capillary, 105mm x 0.17mm ID, w/Fittings
SHP-215Agilent Complete Seal Kit FSD-200mL Liq Head
SHP-489Agilent G4218 ELSD Detector Light Source
HEW04128Agilent One Piece Torch 1.0mm Injector (7700)
HEW04127Agilent One Piece Torch 1.5mm Injector (7700)
HEW04125Agilent One Piece Torch 2.5mm Injector (7700)
SHP-303Agilent Outlet Valve (Binary & Isocratic) for 1100/1200/1220/1260
SHP-318Agilent Outlet Valve (Binary & Isocratic) for 1100/1200/1220/1260
SHP-659Agilent Restriction Capillary
SHP-584Agilent SST Restriction Capillary
SHP-655Agilent Stainless Steel Capillary 0.17(ID ) 900mm Length
SHP-542Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Autosampler Finger Cap
SHP-406Agilent/HP 1030 Deuterium Lamp
SHP-404Agilent/HP 1046A Xenon Lamp Assy
SHP-526Agilent/HP 1050 2 Port Rotor Seal (Vespel)
SHP-400Agilent/HP 1050 A Series D2 Lamp
SHP-300Agilent/HP 1050 Active Inlet Valve Assy
SHP-402Agilent/HP 1050 C Series D2 Lamp
SHP-451Agilent/HP 1050 DAD Lamp
SHP-525Agilent/HP 1050 Needle
SHP-511Agilent/HP 1050 Needle Seat Capillary
SHP-520Agilent/HP 1050 Purge Valve Assy
SHP-415Agilent/HP 1050 Quat Prop Valve Assy
SHP-411Agilent/HP 1050 Stator Assy
SHP-510Agilent/HP 1050/1090 Needle Seat
SHP-200Agilent/HP 1050/1090/1100/1200 (Black) Seal
SHP-201Agilent/HP 1050/1090/1100/1200 (Gold) Seal
SHP-535Agilent/HP 1050/1090/1100/1200 Isolation Seal
SHP-202Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 (Black) Wash Seal
SHP-408Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 DAD/MWD Deuterium Lamp (Longlife)
SHP-515Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 Degasser Pump Tubing
SHP-204Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 Gasket Wash Seal (PK 2)
SHP-514Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 Glass Filter Adapter
SHP-507Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 Glass Inlet Filter
SHP-524Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 Outlet C/V & Purge Valve Cap
SHP-523Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 Outlet C/V & Purge Valve Gold Seal Assy
SHP-305Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 Outlet Valve Sieve
SHP-100Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 Piston
SHP-519Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 Pump- AS Capillary
SHP-522Agilent/HP 1050/1100/1200 Purge Valve Frit
SHP-502Agilent/HP 1090 Glass Inlet Filter
SHP-101Agilent/HP 1090 Piston
SHP-657Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Autosampler Needle Holder Screw
SHP-627Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Blanking Nut 1/16 Stainless Steel
SHP-612Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Capillary Damper-Mixer
SHP-633Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Capillary, OBV-Piston 2
SHP-480Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 DAD/MWD Deuterium Lamp
SHP-582Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Flexible Tubing 400mm, 0.17mm I.D w/ fittings
SHP-634Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Mixing Capillary
SHP-625Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 PEEK Adapter Fitting (1/4-28 to 10-32)
SHP-222Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Piston Seal 2mm
SHP-623Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Pump Head Screw Lock
SHP-656Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Pump Seal Wash Plastic Tubing (1m)
SHP-613Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Quat Prop Valve Assy
SHP-635Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Restriction Capillary
SHP-488Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 RI Detector Lamp Source Assembly
SHP-631Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Seat Capillary, 1.5ml. 0.9mm ID
SHP-610Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 SS Connection Capillary, 60cm, 0.17mm
SHP-600Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 Support Ring Seal Wash
SHP-581Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 u-LC Needle Assy (G1329-80001)
SHP-418Agilent/HP 1100 & 1200 VWD Deuterium Lamp
SHP-624Agilent/HP 1100 & HP1200 Pump SST Capillary Damper to Mixer/Mixer to Outlet C/V
SHP-614Agilent/HP 1100 Autosampler G1313A Stepping Motor Module Assy
SHP-432Agilent/HP 1100 Capillary From Inj To Thermo
SHP-427Agilent/HP 1100 Injection Valve Assy
SHP-419Agilent/HP 1100 Inlet Cap
SHP-422Agilent/HP 1100 Seal Wash Kit
SHP-530Agilent/HP 1100/1200 100µL Loop Capillary
SHP-616Agilent/HP 1100/1200 2 Port Rotor Seal (Tefzel)
SHP-534Agilent/HP 1100/1200 2 Port Rotor Seal (Vespel)
SHP-531Agilent/HP 1100/1200 900µL Loop Extension
SHP-533Agilent/HP 1100/1200 900µL Needle
SHP-302Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Active Inlet Cartridge
SHP-301Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Active Inlet Valve Actuator
SHP-203Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Autosampler Metering Seal
SHP-450Agilent/HP 1100/1200 DAD & 8453/8454 SPEC Tungsten Lamp Assy
SHP-649Agilent/HP 1100/1200 G4226A Column Switching Valve Rotor Seal
SHP-207Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Metering Seal 900µL
SHP-527Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Needle
SHP-528Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Needle Seat 0.17mm ID
SHP-548Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Needle Seat Adapter
SHP-102Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Piston 900µL
SHP-653Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Pump Gravity Seal Wash Kit
SHP-208Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Pump Gravity Seal Wash Kit
SHP-554Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Pump Head Assembly Rear
SHP-549Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Pump Pulse Dampener/transducer assy
SHP-521Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Purge Valve Assy
SHP-547Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Rotor Seal for Oven Switching Valve
SHP-638Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Solvent Bottle Cap with 3 Hole Insert
SHP-537Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Stator Head
SHP-532Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Union for 900µL Loop
SHP-481Agilent/HP 1100/1200 VWD Longlife Deuterium Lamp
SHP-637Agilent/HP 1100/1200 Wellplate Autosampler Sample Chain Support (1)
SHP-485Agilent/HP 1200 DAD/MWD Longlife D2 Lamp - Series D Only
SHP-484Agilent/HP 1200 DAD/MWD Longlife Deuterium Lamp - Series A B C
SHP-601Agilent/HP 1200 Needle Assy, Standard Well Plate Sampler
SHP-206Agilent/HP 1200 PE-Pump Seal (Yellow)
SHP-602Agilent/HP 1200 Seat Assy for G1367 Well Plate Sampler
SHP-606Agilent/HP 1200 Stator for 6 Port Valve, Max 60 bar
SHP-605Agilent/HP 1200/1260 Rotor Seal (PEEK), 2 Port, 600 bar
SHP-310Agilent/HP 1220/1260 Outlet c/v 600 bar
SHP-557Agilent/HP 1260 & 1290 Autosampler Seat Assembly (0.12mm Infinity)
SHP-209Agilent/HP 1260 Metering Device Seal (PE1290 LC Sampler)
SHP-560Agilent/HP 1260 SFC Adapter Female/Male 10-32 to 1/4-28 SST
SHP-569Agilent/HP 1290 Autosampler Isolation Seal
SHP-565Agilent/HP 1290 Autosampler Loop Assy (100µL)
SHP-323Agilent/HP 1290 Pump High Pressure Filter Assembly
SHP-564Agilent/HP 1290 Pump Outlet Filter
SHP-738Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890 Gold Seal Washer
SHP-739Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Column Nut
SHP-740Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Ferrule - No Hole
SHP-735Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 General Purpose Red Septum 11mm
SHP-706Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Gold Plated Inlet Seal
SHP-741Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Graphite Ferrule 0.5mm ID
SHP-818Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Graphite Ferrule 1.0mm ID
SHP-815Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Graphite/Vespel Ferrule 0.4mm ID
SHP-816Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Graphite/Vespel Ferrule 0.5mm ID
SHP-817Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Graphite/Vespel Ferrule 0.8mm ID
SHP-814Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Graphite/Vespel Ferrule 1/4" ID
SHP-736Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Inlet Liner O-Ring
SHP-747Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Jet, Capillary, Adaptable, 61.5mm
SHP-745Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 O-Ring For SS Tubing
SHP-744Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Split Liner, Glass Wool
SHP-743Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Split Liner, L/P Drop, Glass Wool
SHP-766Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Split Liner, Single Taper, Glass Wool
SHP-710Agilent/HP 5890/6850/6890/7890 Splitless Liner, Single Taper, Glass Wool
SHP-782Agilent/HP 5890/6890 Nut for Splt/Splitless
SHP-762Agilent/HP 5971/5972/5973/5975 Graphite/Vespel Ferrule - No Hole
SHP-758Agilent/HP 5971/5972/5973/5975 Graphite/Vespel Ferrule 0.4mm ID
SHP-759Agilent/HP 5971/5972/5973/5975 Graphite/Vespel Ferrule 0.5mm ID
SHP-842Agilent/HP 6100 LC MS Big Universal Trap, 1/8" Fittings, Nitrogen 58
SHP-840Agilent/HP 6100 LCMS - Dielectric Capillary 0.5mm ID
SHP-841Agilent/HP 6100 LCMS Dielectric Capillary 0.6mm id
SHP-749Agilent/HP 6850/6890/7890 Jet, Capillary, Optimised, 42.8mm
SHP-748Agilent/HP 6850/6890/7890 Jet, Packed, 0.018" ID Tip
SHP-726Agilent/HP 6850/6890/7890 Viton O-Ring For Purged/Packed Inlet
SHP-750Agilent/HP 6890/7673/7683 Stop Solenoid Repair Kit
SHP-751Agilent/HP 6890/7673/7683/7693 Belt Z For Autosampler Tray
SHP-716Agilent/HP 6890/7673/7683/7693 Syringe 10µL
SHP-715Agilent/HP 6890/7673/7683/7693 Syringe 5µL
SHP-410Agilent/HP 8452A Deuterium Lamp
SHP-407Agilent/HP 8452A Tungsten Lamp Assy
SHP-405Agilent/HP 8453/8454 Deuterium Lamp
SHP-546Agilent/HP Autosampler - Oven Capillary 180mm x 0.17.. ID.
SHP-566Agilent/HP Capillary to Metering Device
SHP-508Agilent/HP Column-Detector Capillary 380mm x 0.17mm ID
CON04313Agilent/HP eSpec Platinum Shield Plate 7500
CON04312SAgilent/HP eSpec Platinum Long Life Shield Plate (4500)
CON04306SAgilent/HP eSpec Platinum Sampler 7.2mm Pt/Ir Insert (4500/7500)
CON04307SAgilent/HP eSpec Platinum Sampler Cone (18mm Pt Insert)
CON04302SAgilent/HP eSpec Platinum Sampler Cone 10mm Pt/Ir Insert 4500/7500
SHP-807Agilent/HP Fitting Males SS 1/16"
SHP-482Agilent/HP Flash Lamp For G1321A Fluorescence Detector
SHP-598Agilent/HP G17167 Needle Seat, High Pressure, PEEK, 0.12mm
SHP-783Agilent/HP GC Ferrule
SHP-513Agilent/HP HP1050/1100/1200 Solvent Tubing
SHP-770Agilent/HP Inlet liner O-ring, non-stick fluorocarbon, 10/pk
SHP-563Agilent/HP Inlet Tube Assy FSD-1 200ml
SHP-319Agilent/HP Inlet Valve For 1260 SFC LC
SHP-632Agilent/HP LC Pump PTFE Connecting Tube
CON04320Agilent/HP Long Life Plate (G1833-65419)
CON04300Agilent/HP Nickel Sampler Cone (25mm Ni Insert In Cu)
CON04318Agilent/HP Nickel Sampler Cone (G3280-67040)
CON04309Agilent/HP Nickel Sampler Cone T Mode
CON04301Agilent/HP Nickel Skimmer Cone (4500)
CON04317Agilent/HP Nickel Skimmer Cone (G3280-67041)
CON04311Agilent/HP Nickel Skimmer Cone 7500
CON04304Agilent/HP Nickel Skimmer Cone 7500c
CON04310Agilent/HP Nickel Skimmer Cone 7500ce
CON04308Agilent/HP Nickel Skimmer Cone T Mode
SHP-779Agilent/HP Nut Brass 1/4
SHP-778Agilent/HP Nut Brass 1/8
CON04314Agilent/HP O Ring for Sampler cone
SHP-509Agilent/HP Oven-Column Capillary 90mm x 0.17mm ID
SHP-562Agilent/HP Piston Cup Assy 200ml
CON04302Agilent/HP Platinum Sampler Cone (10mm PT Insert)
CON04307Agilent/HP Platinum Sampler Cone (18mm PT Insert)
CON04319Agilent/HP Platinum Sampler Cone (G3280-67056)
CON04305Agilent/HP Platinum Skimmer Cone - 7500c
CON04303Agilent/HP Platinum Skimmer Cone (7.2mm PT Insert )
CON04316Agilent/HP Platinum Skimmer Cone (G3280-67060)
CON04306Agilent/HP Platinum Skimmer Cone 7500cs
CON04315Agilent/HP Platinum Skimmer Cone in Nickel Base for 7500 CS
SHP-512Agilent/HP Pump-Autosampler Capillary 700mm x 0.25mm ID
SHP-591Agilent/HP Rotor Seal 6-CS PEEK 1200 Bar
SHP-596Agilent/HP Rotor Seal, 5 Pos, 7 Port 1200 Bar (5068-0005)
HEW04145Agilent/HP Sapphire Injector, Inert Torch
SHP-608Agilent/HP Seat Assy "complete" For G1367 Well Plate Sampler
SHP-561Agilent/HP Seat Assy 0.12mm ID Standard Autosampler
SHP-500Agilent/HP Solvent Inlet Filter, SS
SHP-518Agilent/HP SS Back Ferrule 1/16"
SHP-595Agilent/HP SS Capillary from A/Sampler to C/Oven (v.long) 0.17ID (Green)
SHP-516Agilent/HP SS Fitting Male 1/16" (Pk 10)
SHP-517Agilent/HP SS Front Ferrule 1/16"
SHP-777Agilent/HP Vespal Ferrule
SHP-417Agilent/HP Wash Seal
SHP-421Agilent/HP Wear Retainers (10pk)
SHP-401Agilent/HP1050/1100/1200 DAD/MWD Deuterium Lamp
SHP-536Agilent/HP1100/1200 Stator Face
NEB-094ARG-1-US6 - Slurry U-Series Nebuliser 4ml/min
NEB-064Argon Connect For Concentric Nebuliser- Includes Insert & Body
NEB-026Argon Inlet Fitting For Cross Flow Nebuliser
ARL04139ARL Adjustable teflon Insert
ARL04147ARL Alumina Injector Assy (supplied With Teflon Holder)
ARL04137ARL Alumina Injector Tip
ARL04113ARL Argon Snout Tube
ARL04135ARL Batelle MLN Spray Chamber With Drain 180 Degrees Reversed
ARL04145ARL Cyclonic Spray Chamber
ARL04131ARL Cyclonic Spray Chamber 10mm Drain 1/5 Socket
ARL04132ARL Cyclonic Spray Chamber Water Cooled10mm Drain 12/5 Socket
ARL04136ARL Hf/CR Torch Body
ARL04103ARL ICPQ Torch
ARL04106ARL Maxi MDSN Spray Chamber
ARL04144ARL Maxi teflon Spray Chamber
ARL04100ARL Maxi Torch (139009-0003)
ARL04127ARL Maxim Cr Torch
ARL04125ARL Maxim Drain Trap
ARL04126ARL Maxim Spray Chamber
ARL04123ARL Maxim Torch
ARL04124ARL Maxim Water Cooled Spray Chamber
ARL04130ARL Mini Argon Snout N2