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HEW04128Agilent One Piece Torch 1.0mm Injector (7700)
HEW04127Agilent One Piece Torch 1.5mm Injector (7700)
HEW04125Agilent One Piece Torch 2.5mm Injector (7700)
HEW04145Agilent/HP Sapphire Injector, Inert Torch
ARL04139ARL Adjustable teflon Insert
ARL04147ARL Alumina Injector Assy (supplied With Teflon Holder)
ARL04137ARL Alumina Injector Tip
ARL04113ARL Argon Snout Tube
ARL04136ARL Hf/CR Torch Body
ARL04103ARL ICPQ Torch
ARL04100ARL Maxi Torch (139009-0003)
ARL04127ARL Maxim Cr Torch
ARL04123ARL Maxim Torch
ARL04116ARL Mini HF/CRr Torch Body
ARL04129ARL Mini High Solids Torch
ARL04117ARL Mini Nitrogen Torch
ARL04114ARL Mini Torch
ARL04121ARL Mini Torch Bonnet
ARL04115ARL Mini Torch W/1.0 Inj
ARL04104ARL Nitrogen Torch 3" Port 28/18 Ball
ARL04102ARL Standard Torch W/20mm Shield
ARL04141ARL teflon Coated Viton O Ring For Torch
ARL04138ARL teflon Insert For Hf Torch
ARL04111ARL Torch Bonnet
ARL04112ARL Torch Bonnet, Induction Coil M/s
ARL04109ARL Torch Extension
ARL04110ARL Torch Extension W/optical Port
ARL04146ARL Torch Mount
ARL04101ARL Wear Metals Maxi Torch
ARL04128ARLMini Alumina Injector
SPEC04113ATI-UNICAM Tandem Organics Torch
SPEC04100ATI/UNICAM 1 Piece Beveled End Torch 1.0 Injector
SPEC04101ATI/UNICAM 1 Piece Beveled End Torch 1.5 Injector
SPEC04102ATI/UNICAM 1 Piece Squared End Torch
SPEC04105ATI/UNICAM 1 Piece Torch With Ball Joint Aqueous
SPEC04105FATI/UNICAM 1 Piece Torch With Ball Joint, Aqueous, With Fittings
SPEC04106ATI/UNICAM 1 Piece Torch with Ball Joint, Organics
SPEC04106FATI/UNICAM 1 Piece Torch With Ball Joint, Organics, With Fittings
SPEC04107ATI/UNICAM 1 Piece Wear Metals Torch W/ball Jt Organics
SPEC04104ATI/UNICAM 1.2 Stainless Steel Clamps
SPEC04125ATI/UNICAM Aqueous Axial Dre Torch
SPEC04125FATI/UNICAM Aqueous Axial DRE Torch with Fittings
SPEC04126FATI/UNICAM Aqueous Dual View DRE Torch with Fittings
SPEC04126ATI/UNICAM Aqueous Dual View DRETorch
SPEC04130ATI/UNICAM Aqueous Torch Axial
SPEC04108ATI/UNICAM Argon Hose And Fittings
SPEC04120ATI/UNICAM Axial Aqueous Torch, Organics
SPEC04119ATI/UNICAM Axial Aqueous Torch, 19cm Long
SPEC04136ATI/UNICAM D/V Demountable Torch Aqueous
SPEC04129ATI/UNICAM Demountable Axial Aqueous Torch
SPEC04116ATI/UNICAM Demountable Torch
SPEC04115ATI/UNICAM Demountable Torch with Qtz Injector
SPEC04103ATI/UNICAM Quartz Injector
SPEC04117ATI/UNICAM Quartz Injector
SPEC04118ATI/UNICAM Quartz Injector Old Sytle, Short Taper Nose
SPEC04112ATI/UNICAM Tandem Aqueous Torch
VAR04166Axial Torch Ex Hi Solids
TJA04383Ball Adapter For PT 2000 Torch
VAR04121Demountable Torch For Ultramass ICP-MS
FINN04107Finnigan Alumina Injector
FINN04115Finnigan Bonnet For FINN04108
FINN04104Finnigan Demountable Torch
FINN04106Finnigan Demountable Torch & Quartz Injector
FINN04109Finnigan Demountable Torch W/short Arm
FINN04111Finnigan Element Demountable Injector
FINN04103Finnigan Element Demountable Torch
FINN04108Finnigan Element Demountable Torch, OEM Replacement
FINN04101Finnigan Fixed Element Torch
FINN04102Finnigan Fixed Element Torch Of CD Unit
FINN04105Finnigan Quartz Injector
TJA04478Finnigan Sapphire Injector Tube (1.9mm ID) and Injector Support
FINN04100Finnigan Standard 1pc Torch
TJA04370High Solids Injector 2 Blue
TJA04406High/low Flow Torch 1.5mm Inj, Wear Metals
TJA04403High/Low Flow Torch 1.5mm Injector, Wear metals
HEW04112HP Alumina Injector
HEW04120HP Demountable Torch (Inert) HP7500
HEW04103HP HF Demountable Torch
HEW04139HP One Piece Torch
HEW04118HP Quartz Bonnet
HEW04113HP Quartz Injector
HEW04121HP Quartz Torch Bonnet
HEW04102HP Quartz Torch 1.5mm Tip For 7500
HEW04114HP teflon Injector Holder
HEW04101HP Torch
HEW04100HP Torch 2.5 Injector
HEW04119HP Torch With 1.5ml Injector
TJA04453ICAP 6000 Capillary Quartx Injector (2.0mm) 120-51971
TJA04452ICAP 6000 Duo periscope Window (120-51591)
TJA04463ICAP 6000 EMT Centre Tube 1.0mm (120-51941)
TJA04454ICAP 6000 Quartz Torch Duo (EMT) 120-51841
TJA04474ICAP 6000 Radial Outer Tube for D Torch
TJA04434ICAP 6000 Series Bonnet
TJA04441ICAP 6000 Series Centre Tube 1.0mm
TJA04449ICAP 6000 Series Centre Tube 1.5mm
TJA04467ICAP 6000 Series Centre Tube 1.5mm
TJA04443ICAP 6000 Series centre tube 2.0mm
TJA04435ICAP 6000 Series Duo Torch
TJA04444ICAP 6000 Series HF Resistant Centre Tube
TJA04436ICAP 6000 Series Periscope Window
TJA04433ICAP 6000 Series Radial Torch (120-51141)
JY04113JY 0 Ring Kit For Torch Body
JY04122JY 04121 With 12/5 Socket At Top
JY04119JY Alumina Injector
JY04127JY Alumina Injector Tube And teflon Insert
JY04112JY Demountable Torch Body
JY04121JY Glass Gas Sheath
JY04123JY Hf Gas Sheath Adapter
JY04126JY Injector Quartz 3.0mm
JY04125JY Panorama Quartz Outer Tube 105mm L
JY04120JY Quartz Injector
JY04116JY Quartz Inner Demountable Tube
JY04114JY Quartz Outer Demountable Tube 71l
JY04115JY Quartz Outer Demountable Tube 82.5l
JY04100JY Standard Torch
JY04117JY teflon Centering Ring-spacer
JY04118JY teflon Insert
JY04111JY Torch Assembly Includes 04112/14/16/17/18/19/21
HEW04124New Standard Torch 25mm HMI Compatible
PESC04118O Ring Kit For Injector Support
PE04249O Ring To Fit Optima Radial Torch (lge)
PE04250O Ring To Fit Radial Torch - Sml
PE04326PE Quick Change Torch Module, Mounting Block Only
PE04193PerkinElmer 0 Ring Kit For Injector Assy Series 2000/4000 (N077-0438)
PE04192PerkinElmer 0 Ring Kit For Torch Series 2000/4000 (N077-0437)
PE04205PerkinElmer 1.2mm Alumina Injector For PE 4300v (N077-1531)
PE04150PerkinElmer Alumina Inj. 0.8mm Optima 2000/4000 Series
PE04151PerkinElmer Alumina Inj. 1.2mm Optima 2000/4000 Series
PE04152PerkinElmer Alumina Inj. 2.0mm Optima 2000/4000 Series
PE04168PerkinElmer Alumina Injector Elan 0.85mm
PE04169PerkinElmer Alumina Injector Elan 1.5mm
PE04170PerkinElmer Alumina Injector Elan 2.0mm
PE04167PerkinElmer Alumina Sample Injector Optima Xl/dv 2.0
PE04149PerkinElmer C 328 O Ring Kit For Optima Xl/dv
PE04206PerkinElmer Copper Foils For Quartz Torches Pk 12
PE04194PerkinElmer Cyclonic Spray Chamber 3000 Dv (N812-2188)
PE04131PerkinElmer Demountable Torch Tube
PE04132PerkinElmer Demountable Torch Tube W/slot
PESC04127PerkinElmer Elan 60XX Torch O Ring Kit
PESC04128PerkinElmer Elan DRC II Vacuum Gate Teflon Coated Seal
PE04148PerkinElmer Injector Holder Dv
PE04222PerkinElmer Injector Support Adapter With Or Rings For Optima Dv (n069-0780)
PE04195PerkinElmer Injector Support Adaptor W/c 0 Rings 3000 Dv (N069-0780)
PE04146PerkinElmer Injector Support Adaptor W/o Rings
PE04325PerkinElmer Injector-Optima 4X00 Ax 1.2mm Alumina
PE04147PerkinElmer O Ring Adapter Kit
PE04204PerkinElmer O Ring To Fit PE04176
PE04323PerkinElmer Optima 2000/4000/5000DV Quartz Torch - 3 Slots
PE04403PerkinElmer Optima 8X00 DV Series ICP Torch Body 1 Slot
PE04218PerkinElmer Optima Block Axial For Optima 3x00 D/V Torch Mount
PE04139PerkinElmer Optima Dv Torch 3 Slots
PE04138PerkinElmer Optima Dv Torch Tube 1 Top Slot
PE04135PerkinElmer Optima DV Torch Tube 2 Top Slots
PE04136PerkinElmer Optima DV Torch Tube Wear Metal 2 Top Slots
PE04140PerkinElmer Optima Dv Wear Metals Torch 1 Top Slot
PE04133PerkinElmer Optima XL Torch Tube (axial)
PE04134PerkinElmer Optima XL Torch Tube (axial) Wear Metals
PE04171PerkinElmer PE Purge Extension
PE04175PerkinElmer Purge Extension Window UV
PE04172PerkinElmer Purge Tube
PE04176PerkinElmer Purge Tube For Optima Dv (n077-1666 & B006-6549)
PE04173PerkinElmer Purge Tube For Slotted Extension
PE04177PerkinElmer Purge Tube Window (axial)
PE04178PerkinElmer Purge Tube Window (radial)
PE04174PerkinElmer Purge Viewing Window - XL
PE04166PerkinElmer Qtz Injector 0.8mm Xl/dv
PE04153PerkinElmer Qtz Injector 2.0 X 109
PE04164PerkinElmer Qtz Injector Optima Jaz
PE04157PerkinElmer Qtz Sample Injector 1.2 Type 11/optima/elan
PE04158PerkinElmer Qtz Sample Injector 1.6 Type 11/optima/elan
PE04159PerkinElmer Qtz Sample Injector 2.0 Elan
PE04162PerkinElmer Qtz Sample Injector Optima 1.6
PE04160PerkinElmer Qtz Sample Injector Optima 2.0
PE04161PerkinElmer Qtz Sample Injector Optima 2.0 Xl/dv
PE04165PerkinElmer Qtz Sample Injector Optima Xl/dv 1.2
PE04154PerkinElmer Qtz Sample Injector Tube 1.2 (type 1)
PE04155PerkinElmer Qtz Sample Injector Tube 1.6 (type 1)
PE04156PerkinElmer Qtz Sample Injector Tube 2.0 (type 1)
PE04163PerkinElmer Qtz Sample Injector Xl 1.6 Xl/dv
PE04186PerkinElmer Quartz Injector 0.8 2000/4000 Series
PE04185PerkinElmer Quartz Injector 1.2 2000/4000 Series
PE04182PerkinElmer Quartz Injector 2.0 2000/4000 Series
PE04183PerkinElmer Quartz Injector 3.0 2000/4000 Series
PE04198PerkinElmer Quartz Window (B006-6549, N077-1116)
PE04184PerkinElmer Qurtz Injector 1.6 2000/4000 Series
PE04226PerkinElmer Radial Purge Window 2000 (b081-0377)
PE04187PerkinElmer Radial Purge Window 4000
PE04181PerkinElmer Short Radial Purge Tube
PE04324PerkinElmer Support Adapter, Sample Injector 1.2mm for Optima 2000/4000 Family
PE04142PerkinElmer Torch 2000/4000 Series Dv
PE04191PerkinElmer Torch Body No Slot Series 2000/4000 (N077-0343)
PE04225PerkinElmer Torch Body Optima 2000-4000 Wear Metals
PE04189PerkinElmer Torch Body Radial 4300v Series 2000/4000 (N077-1500)
PE04190PerkinElmer Torch Body Short Version Series 2000/4000 (N077-0344)
PE04123PerkinElmer Torch Bonnet
PE04145PerkinElmer Torch Bonnet 2000/4000 Series
PE04141PerkinElmer Torch Bonnet Dv
PE04137PerkinElmer Torch Bonnet For Optima After September 1994
PE04130PerkinElmer Torch Bonnet For Optima Before SepteMber 1994
PE04144PerkinElmer Torch Bonnet For Slotted Torch
PE04121PerkinElmer Torch Extension
PE04122PerkinElmer Torch Extension Slotted
PE04196PerkinElmer Torch Extension W/optical Port
PE04128PerkinElmer Torch Tube For Optima
PE04129PerkinElmer Torch Tube For Optima Wear Metals
PE04126PerkinElmer Torch Tube Type 11
PE04127PerkinElmer Torch Tube Type 11 Wear Metals
PESC04112PerkinElmer/SCIEX Injector Support
PESC04117PerkinElmer/SCIEX Injector Support
PESC04102PerkinElmer/SCIEX Long Form 36.5mm Torch
PESC04101PerkinElmer/SCIEX Long Form 38mm Torch
PESC04113PerkinElmer/SCIEX Sciex High Solids Torch
PESC04115PerkinElmer/SCIEX Sciex Quartz Injector 2.00mm
PESC04100PerkinElmer/SCIEX Short Form Torch
PESC04103PerkinElmer/SCIEX Torch Body W/side Arm Inlets ICP-ms
PESC04111PerkinElmer/SCIEX Torch Bonnet
PHI04100Philips ICP Torch
PHI04101Philips ICP Torch W/ball Joint
PHI04103Philips Quartz Din Torch
TJA04344PT 2000 Fully Demountable Torch - Complete
TJA04361PT2000 1.8mm Centre Tube 808-8917
PESC04120Qtz Injector, 6100 Dec & Drc11, 15mm (we02-7005)
PESC04119Qtz Injector, 6100drc & Drc11 0.85mm (we02-7030)
TJA04351Quartz Inner Tube For PT2000
TJA04352Quartz Outer Tube For PT2000
TJA04405Seal For Optic Sleeve - Duo Torch
SPO04128Spectro (same as SPO04127) But with connectors
SPO04107Spectro Demountable Nitrogen Torch
SPO04124Spectro Eop 1.8 Fixed Flared End Torch
SPO04126Spectro Eop Demountable Flared End Torch
SPO04125Spectro Eop Demountable Torch
SPO04123Spectro Eop Fixed Flared End Torch
SPO04127Spectro Eop Fixed Sheath Gas System -75160537
SPO04135Spectro Eop Fixed Sheath Gas System Torch 1.8mm
SPO04136Spectro Eop Fixed Sheath Gas System Torch, 1.8mm With Fittings 75160549
SPO04134Spectro Eop Flared End Torch (2.5mm) 75160526
SPO04130Spectro Gas Connectors 44302072 & 44302077
SPO04137Spectro Injector 2.5mm 48105009/5058
SPO04106Spectro Nitrogen Torch
SPO04117Spectro Qtz Injector/aerosol Tube
SPO04116Spectro Qtz Injector/aerosol Tube 1.5
SPO04118Spectro Qtz Injector/aerosol Tube 2.5
SPO04129Spectro Replacement O Ring
SPO04142Spectro SOP Torch, Fixed, 1.8mm Organics With Fittings (75360521)
SPO04138Spectro Torch - - Standard With Fittings
SPO04133Spectro Torch (organics ) (1.8id) 75160592
SPO04104Spectro Torch 1.0 Injector
SPO04100Spectro Torch 1.8 Injector - 75060596
SPO04101Spectro Torch 1.8 With Connectors - 75060596
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